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A maturing market amid the mayhem

from Expert Zone:

Will Indian stocks end 2012 on a happier note?

(Rajiv Deep Bajaj is the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Capital Ltd. The views expressed in this column are his own and do not represent those of Reuters)

The rally in the Indian stock markets, fuelled by the so-called reform announcements, seems to have fizzled out. Frontline indexes have retraced more than 60 percent of the gains made since Sep. 13, 2012, the day the reform measures were made public.

Stock market sentiment turned bullish after the reforms were announced, which typically followed Europe's unlimited bond-buying plan revealed a week earlier and coincided with the launch of QE3 in the United States.

However, subsequent developments such as the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) refusal to cut the repo rate citing persistently high inflation at its October policy review, slowing growth and worsening trade and fiscal deficits, have dented some of that exuberance.

from India Insight:

The rupee’s fall from grace

Indian milk and dairy products producer Amul’s campaign has a new subject -- the rupee.

The newspaper advertisement features the iconic Amul girl, in her polka dotted red dress, in a boat made of the rupee, about to sink in turbulent waters. She says ‘mujhe mere rupee se bachaao!’ in Hindi. Loosely translated into English, it would mean 'save me from my rupee.'