8 weakest U.S. states

June 24, 2011

According to the credit rating agencies and the bond markets, these are the 8 states with the weakest credit profiles. These states may be weak because their debts are too big, because their economy is flagging or because they haven’t adequately funded the retirement of their employees. If this were a school, these would be the students sitting in the back of the class. Maybe it’s time for these states to do a little more homework.

We start with the weakest Puerto Rico, a United States commonwealth.

#1 – Puerto Rico

#2 – Illinois

#3 – California

#4 – Michigan

#5 – Nevada

#6 – New Jersey

#7 – District of Columbia

#8 – Rhode Island


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lol, uhhhh… Wow, these have been recently, and are currently some of the most liberal states in the US, suprising they’re on this list? No, not at all.

It makes complete sense, actually.

Vote conservative! Save the US!

Posted by amawesdude | Report as abusive

Whoa, California, Nevada… Can you say Republitard territory? Rhode Island was one of the hardest hit with unemployment along with Michigan. Puerto Rico isn’t a state… either they should make it one and make it conform to the rest of the union or let it go and be on its own.

Posted by Lampy | Report as abusive

Rearranging the letters, and adding, say, Arkansas, you get, hmmmm, DAMNN PRICs. lol

Posted by IAmTheTruth | Report as abusive