November 3: Muniland Snaps

November 3, 2011

Good Links

Bloomberg: Federal tax exemption for municipal bonds increasingly in the spotlight

WSJ: October tops yearly municipal bond sales with $34 billion

Bond Buyer: Markit joins the horse race to provide municipal bond pricing An article on pension reform which does not identify the state it’s happening in

today’s the day harrisburg: Brilliant round-up of national news coverage of Harrisburg bankruptcy drama

Bond Buyer: The sugar mess in Missouri gets messier

@Twitter Talk

Newyorkist @Newyorkist Newyorkist   Associated Press: Poorest poor in U.S. hits new record: 1 in 15 people:…

National Journal @nationaljournal National Journal   House Committee plan a bill that will reduce the federal workforce through attrition

Cate Long @cate_long Cate Long   Loop Capital’s Reynolds “the ‘people’ own the public assets not the mayor or council… these deals must be done very thoughtfully”
Cate Long @cate_long Cate Long   Bloomberg’s Winkler “what is the difference between Jefferson County, Al and Greece?”

Barrett and Greene @GreeneBarrett Barrett and Greene   Another gr8 resource to follow Ballot Measures in the 50 states = the NCSL Prop*50 blog

Rich Saskal @RichSaskal_BB Rich Saskal   Moberly, Mo. tells bondholders to get stuffed. Why on Earth did they put city pledge behind Chinese sucralose factory?…

Mike Stanton @MikeStanton1891 Mike Stanton   Is it true that “Many US states and cities start their fiscal years in October”?WSJ: States Step Up Bond Sales

Paul Greaves @greavespg Paul Greaves   @MikeStanton1891 that does not sound right. A lot start on July 1 (cities/school districts), Jan 1 (counties) then others on Oct 1, Apr 1

Corporate Secretary @corpsecmag Corporate Secretary  Busted: SEC leaves FINRA with a black eye:

Markit @Markit Markit    See @TheBondBuyer – changes in muni market demand more science than art in muni pricing  @PatrickMcGee_BB story:

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