November 4: Muniland Snaps

November 4, 2011

Some funky stuff is happening in the middle of Kansas. (Source:

Good Links

WSJ: AIG loans out $1.2B of muni bonds for which banks post 102% collateral & pay fees. What is the point?

Bond Buyer: Muniland regulator wants bond underwriters to be upfront with their clients

ZeroHedge: Popular blogger addresses the Meredith Whitney question

Reuters: Muniland’s bad boy list

FT: Editorial fail on amount of Illinois’s total debt. Not $280bn as stated

AP: State of Washington debates whether school busing is part of a “basic education”

Daily Freeman: My county tax set to rise by 6%

Business Wire: Lawsuit against Oppenheimer Rochester funds for 30-50% fall during 2008 allowed to proceed


@Twitter Talk

Joe Saluzzi @JoeSaluzzi Joe Saluzzi  Oct’11 U-6 Total Unemployed 16.2% vs Sept’11 of 16.5%

David Wessel @davidmwessel David Wessel  Govt employment (state, local, federal) in Oct was 600k below Jan 2009.
Binyamin Appelbaum @BCAppelbaum Binyamin Appelbaum   “It is clear far too many Americans don’t know how to do anything the world is willing to pay them a living wage for.”

Michael Cooper @coopnytimes Michael Cooper   Ghettoization: the population of areas of concentrated poverty rose by a third, Brookings’s @berubea1 finds:…

Barrett and Greene @GreeneBarrett Barrett and Greene  Empty office space: Cleveland = 22%, Chicago = 19%, Metro Detroit = almost 27%  @ChGears looks at #EmptyPlaces

TreasuryDirect @TreasuryDirect TreasuryDirect  SLGS Daily Rates for 11/03/2011 are posted at

iWatch News @iWatch iWatch News  How much stimulus money has your state received for health info exchanges? See our interactive map:


CGR Govistics @Govistics CGR Govistics   Massachusetts house passes pension bill; raises retirement age from 55 to 57
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