December 2: Muniland Snaps

December 2, 2011

AP: A historic drought has depleted Texas aquifers to lows rarely seen since 1948 (map source: National Drought Mitigation Center)

Good Links

Reuters: Payroll tax cut stalls in Senate

Washington’s Blog: A nuanced view of inequality

Reuters: Families seek cash help as recession drags on

The Economist: Lending money to a poor city still looks slightly preferable to living in one

Bloomberg: Highest paid muni workers in LA are out in the harbor piloting ships

NJ Div. of Pensions and Benefits: Pension system still underwater, requires decades of repair

Bloomberg: Bad practices 101: Pioneer muni bond fund held 8% of assets in American Airlines bonds prior to its bankruptcy

BusinessWeek: How the federal government funds transportation projects within the states

@Twitter Talk

Matt Stoller @matthewstoller Matt Stoller  Today’s ethics are just a pale descendant of yesterday’s battles for power.

Sara Wyant @agripulse Sara Wyant  #NGFA urges Congress to prepare emergency legislation to avert national rail strike:

Demos_Org @Demos_Org Demos_Org  BREAKING: U.S. House votes to approve H.R. 3463, ending public financing of presidential campaigns & Election Assistance Commission.

PewCenterOnTheStates @PewStates PewCenterOnTheStates   #Stateline:  Most states’ spending is below pre-recession levels, says NGA and @NASBO

IpreoMuni @IpreoMuni IpreoMuni  Volume numbers steady as November comes to a close. Here is next week’s muni deal calendar:

PewCenterOnTheStates @PewStates PewCenterOnTheStates  Stateline: Since 2006, Florida’s foster care population has dropped 40%. Other states want to follow suit:

Tara Leo Auchey @todaysthedayhbg Tara Leo Auchey   During 12/1 Harrisburg Receiver Hearing, this “notice” came up: Judge asked why this directive didn’t go out yrs ago?

John W Rodat @johnrodat John W Rodat   Single data point forecasting: Albany County Legislature forecasts sales tax revenue based on one day:

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