December 5: Muniland Snaps

December 5, 2011

FRED Graph

There is a lot of variation in the economic performance of various U.S. states. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’s FRED ( link )

Good Links

WaPo: Snail mail could get a lot slower as USPS mulls closing roughly half of mail processing centers

NYT: American police becoming more militarized

McClatchy: Calif. Gov. Brown to ask voters to back plan to raise $7 billion a year in tax hikes

Bloomberg: New Jersey debt keeps climbing, now at $38 billion

The Nation: America’s most treasured public library struggles with future

Bloomberg: Detroit may owe $400 million for swap terminations if taken over by state

Bloomberg: Next hurdle cleared for bankrupt Harrisburg

@Twitter Talk

Timothy P Carney @TPCarney Timothy P Carney   Reform proposal: to slow the revolving door, pay Congressmen a huge retirement bonus, which shrinks for every year they serve.

Damian Paletta @damianpaletta Damian Paletta  Social Security actuary Goss predicts disability trust fund reserves will be exhausted in 2017, sooner than previous forecast of 2018.

Damian Paletta @damianpaletta Damian Paletta   After 2017, tax revenue would be able to cover 86% of disability benefits.

Tom Kozlik @tomkozlik Tom Kozlik  Whitney’s muni default prediction ranked as the second-worst call of 2011, according to Money Mag.

Muni Guy @Munisrgood Muni Guy   Market was a lot busier than a normal Friday. Lots of interest from the street and retail. $28 BLN maturing bonds 12/1 and cash hit today +
Cate Long cate_long Cate Long   Bankrupt Jefferson County, Alabama considering asset sales…
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