December 6: Muniland Snaps

December 6, 2011

The “Great American Deleveraging,” or why the economy has slowed down. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Good Links

Blackrock: State revenues up solidly, but still lower than 2008 levels

Bond Buyer: SEC to inspect advisers to municipalities

Stateline: Mixed marks for state infrastructure banks

Governing: What happens to unused public stadiums?

POGO: Spoof: how America’s greatest managerial minds make weapon-buying decisions

Birmingham News: Jefferson County to bankruptcy judge: Wall Street knew the risks

@Twitter Talk

Govistics by CGR @Govistics Govistics by CGR  “In 1870, all government spending was 7.3 percent of national income in the United States”

Mark Knoller @markknoller Mark Knoller  National Debt of Greece $532-billion – about 125% of its GDP. US National Debt: $15.088-trillion – 99.2% of GDP.

Timothy P Carney @TPCarney Timothy P Carney   Maybe the greatest evil of inflation is forcing people to become “investors” when they just want to be *savers*.
Roger Ebert @ebertchicago Roger Ebert   The middle class, not the poor, are getting obese on fast food.

PewCenterOnTheStates @PewStates PewCenterOnTheStates  Stateline: Governors in New York and California mull higher taxes next year

Matthew Wurtzel @biz_reporter Matthew Wurtzel   P&I: Brown’s Rx for California pension woes: ‘Castor oil’ –

Lisa Fleisher @lisafleisher Lisa Fleisher   Another epic and breathless twitter fight over ed policies btwn @stopthefreezeNJ@GovChristie happening now.

☞CBM @cbm1971 ☞CBM   SEC Investigating Marlins Stadium Deal #muniland

Bond Girl @munilass Bond Girl   UBS and SBS Financial Services are counterparties on Detroit’s swaps. Swaps hedge $948 million pension bonds and $1.6 billion water bonds.
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