December 13: Muniland Snaps

December 13, 2011

The long, slow descent: Mortgage rates reached the lowest reading ever in October 2011. Graph: 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the United States (MORTGAGE30US) Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Good Links

FT: U.S. economic heat map

The Atlantic: The recession was sexist

The Hill: U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce lobbies against corporate tax repatriation holiday

Fire Dog Lake: Privatization and student loans

Cato Institute: United States Postal Service sends a message to Congress

Bond Buyer: Almost 60 state and local issuers were defrauded in Wells Fargo bid-rigging scheme Jefferson County gets small windfall from Wells Fargo settlement

Detroit Free Press: OpEd: Race not a factor in state’s takeover of Detroit

Bloomberg: Broke NY county given permission by oversight board to issue new bonds

Patriot News: Harrisburg firefighters’ overtime pay puts strain on cash-strapped capital city

@Twitter Talk

Lauren Young @LaurenYoung Lauren Young   The average car on American highways and byways is now more than 9 years old

Katharine Herrup @kherrup Katharine Herrup  Almost 50% of those w/ a severe mental disorder and over 70% of those with a moderate one do not receive any treatment:
myCorporateResource @CrisisLawAlerts myCorporateResource   Cut, cut, cut…Stakeholders must B engaged. K&L Gates “Policy Following Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction..”

IpreoMuni @IpreoMuni IpreoMuni  Issuance #’s not as robust as prev weeks however still healthy. Here is this week’s muni calendar:

Rich Saskal @RichSaskal_BB Rich Saskal   AMR bankruptcy spurs secondary trading on tax-exempt debt tied to the airline

Govistics by CGR @Govistics Govistics by CGR    US Conf. of Mayors calls crime rankings “a premeditated statistical mugging of America‘s cities.”… @csmonitor   US cities try ‘benchmarking’ to make buildings save more energy

NtlBuildingMuseum @BuildingMuseum NtlBuildingMuseum  What are the elements that make a city unique or safe? Take MIT’s poll – 571,000 already have.

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