December 16: Muniland Snaps

December 16, 2011

3.3 Million Things Wrong with the House Unemployment Insurance Bill. Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Off the Charts Blog

Good Links

Bloomberg: Finally someone grabs the third rail of reforming Medicare Sen. Levin: ‘Those foreign earnings are not trapped or locked offshore at all’

WSJ: Opposition group of odd bedfellows against corporate tax holiday

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Unemployment Rates for States

Chamber of Commerce: U.S. SEC: A Roadmap for Transformational Reform

Investment News: House Republicans say SEC must reform before budget increase

Bloomberg: Federal judge on Jefferson County, AL bankruptcy case to confer with Alabama Supreme Court

@Twitter Talk

GreatLakesGuy @GreatLakesGuy GreatLakesGuy   “The Sun Belt becomes the Drought Belt. The Rust Belt becomes the Water Belt”

Jen DePaul @TFTJennifer Jen DePaul   Surprise win for the SEC in the final FY 2012 appropriations budget. They scored a 10% budget boost or an addition $136M

ThinkProgress Econ @TPEconomy ThinkProgress Econ  9 states win the early education Race to the Top competition
Barrett and Greene @GreeneBarrett Barrett and Greene   Gr8 @Governing column on how former CT, IN & MI judges are reforming child/family depts they now head @csmonitor   Confusion reigns over medical marijuana as states and Feds clash: Sixteen states allow medical marijuana…

Barrett and Greene @GreeneBarrett Barrett and Greene   Gov. Brown pushes for cut to 2,600 reports California agencies submit to legislature each year

Reynolds Center BizJournalism Reynolds Center N.J. Watchdog tackles public employee pension

Bruce Katz @bruce_katz Bruce Katz   Great Lakes metros: stronger than avg recovery – Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo & Youngstown among top 20

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