MuniLand Snaps: December 23, 2011

December 23, 2011

Happy holidays to muniland! Image Source:

Good Links

.gov Reform Task Force: State of the Federal Web Report

Reason Foundation: Americans abhor the idea of increasing the gasoline tax

MondoVisione: Municipal bond dealers expect little to no change in interest rates in 2012

WSJ: If personal tax rates go up muni bonds become an even more preferred asset

HedgeWeek: Generating alpha in muniland — watch for the low liquidity

GovTech: Election results websites heading to the cloud

Bloomberg:  Public worker pay cuts, tax hikes make Hawaii’s Abercrombie least popular governor

GovTech: Small municipal utility dips toe into solar power generation

GovTech: Los Angeles axes plans to add police email to Google Cloud

@Twitter Talk

Timothy P Carney @TPCarney Timothy P Carney   In the abstract, government spending stimulates aggregate demand. Concretely, it rewards cronies >>

Epicurean Dealmaker @EpicureanDeal Epicurean Dealmaker   Politics is an elaborate game of blame-passing and credit-claiming. Governing is very different. Too bad they’re done by the same people.

Carol Massar @Carolmassar Carol Massar  “The List” today on @BloombergTV … easiest and toughest states to get a divorce. Just spreading some holiday cheer. : )

Phila Fed Research @PhilFedResearch Phila Fed Research   RT @grossdm: income, spending, savings pretty weak in November.

Tax Foundation @taxfoundation Tax Foundation   Tax Policy Blog: Connecticut Governor Puts the Kibosh on Sales Tax Holiday

GOVERNING @GOVERNING GOVERNING  Report finds states and localities are facing reduced support for health emergencies:

Newyorkist @Newyorkist Newyorkist  “We’ve raised teacher salaries 105%. You don’t hear about teachers leaving to go to Nassau County anymore…” @MikeBloomberg on @WOR710

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