MuniLand Snaps: March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

While the sharks circle Harrisburg, the French press reports on the fiscally battered city. National Public Radio weighs in on Harrisburg too.

Good Links

Bloomberg: China’s central bank may grade local governments’ creditworthiness

CBO: Federal budget outlook and aid to states

Hightower Lowdown: Post Office is not broke — and it hasn’t taken any tax money since 1971

Bloomberg: Jonathan Weil dissects the new state integrity index and finds it wanting

NYT: Estimated cost of federal tax preferences in 2013: $38 billion for muni bonds

Bloomberg: Universities tap the corporate bond market for long-dated bonds

Dealbreaker: Why can’t California find any underwriters that haven’t repeatedly defrauded it?

NYFed: The stability of upstate New York’s housing markets during the recession Should Rhode Island put everyone into the state pension plan?

Arizona Republic: Nice roundup of Arizona’s muniland

BlackRock: Muni fundamentals look good; expect some credit stories to make headlines

@Twitter Talk

Ars TechnicaArs Technica  @arstechnica California DoD bases sitting on 7 gigawatts of solar potential:

Tim ManicciaTim Maniccia   @tmaniccia BLS- Unemployment rates lower in Jan than a year earlier in 345 metro areas, higher in 16 & unchanged in 11 areas.

Laura OlsonLaura Olson  @lauraolson “We’re not motivated to move quickly,” says PA welfare secretary on federal health-care law, insurance exchanges
Andrew MorseAndrew Morse @CAndrewMorse The reasoning used to decide that Central Fall’s school district is separate from the city is pretty solid
David BurgeDavid Burge  @iowahawkblog A government that agrees to pay retired 53-year old employees $100k/year until death will end up dying before the employee.
Otis WhiteOtis White @OtisWhite “Found” places: What could be done with a humble urban parking lot? Just use your imagination.
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