MuniLand Snaps: April 3

April 3, 2012


The troubles in Jefferson County, Alabama got a little more complicated last week as the County Commission voted to default on $15 million of general obligation (GO) bonds. Up to this point, the city has been meeting the payments for its GO debt, which is separate from its troubled sewer debt. The County Commission voted to default on the GO debt to have the funds to pay for essential city services. In response the state legislature, which must approve any tax increases for the county, may have been spurred into action. (Video, care of

Good Links

NCSL: States with legislation for voluntary savings account proposals

Brookings: MetroMonitor economic performance maps

New York Times: Where housing once boomed, recovery lags

Fitch Ratings: Comparability of combined state debt and pension metric

Sacramento Bee: Republicans propose California budget with state-worker pay cut

Detroit News: Detroit council to resume consent talks Tuesday

Reuters: Detroit unions to end talks if state plan accepted

Detroit Free Press: Primer on financial emergency managers

Detroit News: Multiple local, state and federal agencies try sweep worst criminals off Detroit streets

AP: Harrisburg overseer blamed “crosswinds” in letter

NYC IBO Analysis of the New York City preliminary budget for 2013 Report details nexus of corruption and nepotism in southern New Jersey

@Twitter Talk

Bob NelsonBob Nelson  @BNels22 The candidate who can spoonfeed the electorate what they want to hear, will win. People don’t like taking their medicine.
Nick TimiraosNick Timiraos  @NickTimiraos NAR survey: without investors, last year’s housing numbers would have been dismal. Primary residence resales down 15.5%.

Brookings MetroBrookings Metro @BrookingsMetro Areas with strongest recoveries generally gained government or manufacturing jobs, those with weakest lost them

Pension DialogPension Dialog  @PensionDialog Dichotomy of pension debt: “The people who say, ‘It’s disastrous,’ go to bond raters and say, ‘Everything is great.”

govtechnewsgovtechnews  @govtechnews The Best Social Media Cities — Local Governments Ranked

Barrett and GreeneBarrett and Greene  @GreeneBarrett Interesting pilot allows city workers/residents to book unused city govt space for work
Stateside AssociatesStateside Associates @StatesideAssoc NV Gov. @BrianSandoval chairs the recent Gaming Policy Committee meeting to discuss Internet gambling
PewCenterOnTheStatesPewCenterOnTheStates  @PewStates Majority of MO voters back policies that strengthen community supervision, free up prison space for violent offenders
stevenwaldmanstevenwaldman @stevenwaldman 6 years ago, 4 or 5 newspapers covered Ohio supreme court. Today: none do.
Bob NelsonBob Nelson  @BNels22@WSJ: Cash-starved city of Stockton, CA lays off police. Saw more than 2x murders in ’11 than ’08.
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