MuniLand Snaps: May 1

May 1, 2012

Reuters graphic artist Stephen Culp created this excellent map depicting data from the University of Tennessee regarding Amazon’s negotiations with state governments on taxation. Rest assured, every state will eventually collect sales taxes from Amazon.

Good Links

Real Clear Policy: “A Decade Without a Mexican”

WaPo: Threat from mounting public job losses tested Obama’s economic strategy

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Impact of reporting on the interest rate derivatives market

MSRB: Muniland’s overseer holds quarterly meeting

Bond Buyer: MSRB considers reducing 15-minute window for trade reporting

Reuters: New York State tax revenue lags, but four-year gap drops: report

NBC Chicago: Financial journalists skeptical of Chicago Infrastructure Trust

LAT: Los Angeles opens the Expo Line, what now?

Learn Bonds: Alexandra Lebenthal changes her thinking on individual munis

@Twitter Talk

Paul GreavesPaul Greaves  @greavespg Can we devote one week to just discussing potential solutions to our fiscal challenges and not reacting to a video or a comment/gaffe?

IpreoMuniIpreoMuni  @IpreoMuni Illinois dominates negotiated & competitive deals double as #’s strengthen. Here is the calendar #muniland

FixedologyFixedology  @Fixedology Another week of near $1B in positive cash flows for muni mutual funds, end of a strong April muni market (No tax season effect this year)

LynnHumeLynnHume  @BondBuyergirl MSRB to propose prohibiting underwriters from making any changes to bond documents, even if allowed by documents

Portland Audit Serv.Portland Audit Serv.  @PortlandAudits Downtown Office Space: City uses most of its owned space, but lease practices need attention:

Torey Van OotTorey Van Oot  @CapitolAlert California public pension fund assets rebounded in 2010
Romy VargheseRomy Varghese  @romyvarghese Harrisburg as hot banking market.
The Atlantic CitiesThe Atlantic Cities  @AtlanticCities Streetlights are often a city’s biggest or second biggest energy demand. But they don’t have to be:
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