Comments on: Conservative ideologues aren’t bankrupting Rhode Island Bridges, budgets, bonds Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:29:08 +0000 hourly 1 By: Gargoyle Sun, 24 Jun 2012 21:32:22 +0000 Sadly the previous commentator does not realize that while we have been saved the 13% for now,our property taxes will still be going up. On the block is our 42% homestead exemption which if the reader was aware at all, is now being reduced as she/he crows. We will STILL be paying more in taxes. One of the reasons we are in this fix is this year the state summarily withdrew 4 million dollars in school aid and reduced aid as well to towns and cities.

Our less than heroic non-leaders sought to enhance their standing while dragging out the general assembly hearings- while knowing all the while (unless they were totally stupid) that Woonsocket citizens were still going to be on the hook for higher taxes. That is cynicism at its worst.They had no plan of their own-they did not lead-they foot dragged.

Uniformed citizens have been fed a steady diet of the ever more thoughtless and trite-“let’s shrink the government”.They really have no clue what it really means, It does not mean widgets- it means people. Talk to a person who helps you in city hall- she might be a homeowner with a mortgage- she could lose her home if she loses her job in a “shrinking city government”. Another foreclosure in Woonsocket.

Our state even though it has a high unemployment rate is ranked 18th highest in wealth in the country-far from poor- yet we are one of the fastest growing in income inequality in New England. Despite this AND knowing the plight of Woonsocket, Baldelli-Hunt and Jon Brien voted against raising the tax on the income of citizens making over 250K, fromm 5.99% to 9.99% which it was in 1979.This is criminal. The tired refrain- oh those are the job creators-they will leave- there is no substantial evidence of that in ANY study. Really- give up those killer waterfront estates in East Greenwich and Barrinton to live in low tax havens in South Dakota! Get real! Actually if the commentator looks back to the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, tax rates on high income earners were up tp 90% yet those were high prosperity years for the middle class.

They get their cues from ALEC. (CVS is a member)Our legislators should be like Ceasars wife- “above suspiscion”. Why did this right wing orgnization pay $800 for Brien’s plane ticket and $400 in expenses. Because they love Woonsocket?

By: Anonymous Sat, 23 Jun 2012 22:11:20 +0000 Woonsocket is lucky to have Rep Brien as their representative. If the rest of the Democrats in the House were more like him this state wouldn’t be in the financial ruin it is in. Many citizens in Woonsocket are a paycheck from the curb, raisng their taxes 13% would for surely put them there. If I were a Woonsocket taxpayer I would thank my lucky stars that they pulled that tax increase. If Woonsocket or any other city or town can’t manage their finances properly they deserve a budget commission or receiver.

By: Gargoyle Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:43:40 +0000 Woonsocket resident speaking!

The underlying story is indeed about ALEC means being the solution forced on Woonsocket. Yes, the state is crummy, the General Assembly has the power not the Governor. We re-elect the same reps over and over again because often they run unopposed. In Woonsocket ( the last election) one hapless opponent of Ms. Baldelli-Hunt did not realize he had to had to throw large free dinners to meet the voters. He was a fairly new resident and a doctor. All our delegation are ALEC members because we are easy pickings. Few read newspapers here unless they are free and a snippet of Fox News is all they know for the most part about anything beyond Woonsocket.

Jon Brien is a board member of ALEC. They paid his ticket to go to the annual meeting in May. -alec-common-cause-calls-for-disclosure. html

The Woonsocket delegation has thwarted state legislation to raise a fifth quarter property tax to start righting our sinking ship. They dragged it out for months because it is alleged Ms. Baldelli-Hunt wants Mayor Fontaines job. (though I can’t see why) They want to force out the mayor and John Ward, city council president. John is a competent guy as he is the financial manager of Lincoln RI a very well-heeled RI town. city-s-future-uncertain-as-tax-deal-fail s

ALEC has a fiscal tool kit ready
made for legislators. They don’t even have to be bright. udget-reform-toolkit/

They did this in Michigan.  /02/michigan-emergency-manager-pontiac- detroit

The state is run by goons, and now the goons will be taking over Woonsocket. And you know what, most people don’t care. The one thing that will get them angry is not the closing of the library- but the senior center.

Mr Brien has aspirations for a congressional seat in the future. He is ALEC’s boy and I am sure he will be well funded.