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Police Officer – Lateral/ Academy Grads
Open until filled
$6,158.77 -$7,488.29
________________________________________ ____________________________ partments/humanResources/oppPos.html

POLICE OFFICER – LATERAL Full-Time (Probationary) $4,970.39 – $6,385.88 Monthly

By: In_Stockton Fri, 24 May 2013 15:43:18 +0000 You are a fool to think that cutting pensions won’t, essentially, cut officers. With all your infinite wisdom, you somehow overlooked that this is one of the deadliest cities in America. RIGHT NEXT TO THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA! You seriously think that OFFICERS that can leave won’t leave? They are paying officers, for the same position TWENTY MILES AWAY $1188.38 MORE PER MONTH!!! I’m sure an extra $1200 per month TO START, is crumbs to you. For those that work for a living it is a great deal of money. Not only that, there is less crime and they have WAY better medical benefits than Stockton! Stockton is now a feeder city for Cops. The money spent on training, inefficiencies, and lawsuits for ROOKIE cops will probably outweigh the opportunity cost of reducing pensions… Since you have the answers to save the City of Stockton why don’t you come live here and fix it!!