Best of muniland on Twitter

July 1, 2014

Here are the best tweets with the #muniland hashtag for July 1, 2014:

New Dodd-Frank rules for municipal advisers are finally rolled out to winnow the municipal adviser universe:


Historic times for California:

Good, quick update on municipal bond trading:


The New York State Supreme Court ruled that local governments can ban fracking:

Trying hard in New York State to merge tiny towns:


Can you say pension problems?

Reform the pension and create new problems?


Wrong direction here:

Puertoooooo Rico!


Budget kabuki in New Jersey:

Running a government is hard…but this?

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Based on my experience, bonds in default pay on schedule (they post in the account on time) but then you see a reversal (debit) a few days later (example: BLUFFTON IND REV RIVER TERRACE 096325AJ4 has done this twice to me :( ). So, seeing PREPA posting today does not mean payment has actually cleared. It could be reversed in a few days (this seems a standard MO :) )

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