The promise and peril of energy tax revenues

April 13, 2012

Of the $763 billion in tax revenues that states collected in 2011, only $14.6 billion – less than 2 percent – came from severance taxes on coal, gas and oil. Energy production is very concentrated in the United States: Just nine states receive over 5 percent of their tax revenues from energy producers. Currently, the bulk of severance revenues comes from oil production. Alaska, a state floating on an ocean of oil, gets 76 percent of its revenues from a handful of big oil companies that have drilling rights on the North Slope of the state.

Yet another Bridge to Nowhere?

August 25, 2011

Alaska got a lot of attention several years ago when members of Congress belittled and then stripped the funding for the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.” You would think the issue would have faded away as quietly as the Alaskan wildnerness, but the state’s penchant for building bridges to places with few inhabitants has actually been reborn in the Knik Arm Bridge Project, or the Bridge to No Where Part 2. And this time it’s not only members of Congress who are skeptical– locals are pushing back on this new project with lots of facts.