Jobs, offshore profits and infrastructure

June 8, 2011

Our nation is in a serious economic crisis. Both political parties dance around each other with varying demands for cuts in entitlement programs, tax increases and a rise in the debt ceiling. It’s a doomsday prospect and the American people are feeling the chill of economic malaise.

Muni sweeps: Happy “Bike to Work” day

May 20, 2011

House Committee launches ‘YourWitness’ program

From YouTube:

The [House] Financial Services Committee has launched a new program, Your Witness, which allows Americans to submit questions they want to ask a witness during a hearing. During an Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing on the Stanford Financial Ponzi scheme, Rep. Randy Neugebauer asks the first question of Julie Preuitt.

Borrowing from the future to fund today

May 16, 2011

This august gentleman is William Gibbs McAdoo, the Secretary of the Treasury in 1917 when Congress passed the Second Liberty Bond Act and set the first statutory limit on the public debt of the United States. Now the current Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, is struggling with the Congress to raise the debt limit for the 11th time since 2001.

Muni sweeps: Politicians can do it too

May 10, 2011


Blogging politicians

The House Financial Services Committee is blogging!

Right on!

Here is why they are doing it:

We believe that during this time of ongoing economic uncertainty there are questions being asked that are not being answered. We believe there are areas of financial services regulation and housing policy that are being overlooked which demand scrutiny.

Muni sweeps: Greenfields

May 6, 2011


Remaking our urban distressed areas is not easy. But cities are our economic and cultural centers. Reclaiming the exhausted areas opens up many possibilities.

Starving the financial cops

May 4, 2011

What is easier to regulate, financial markets or the nuclear industry?

If it is a matter of resources, financial markets must be very easy to regulate.

Guest post: Bring Back BABs

April 29, 2011

Jordan Eizenga of the Center for American Progress shares the following:

Infrastructure projects across the country are not going forward as planned. The culprit is a weak municipal bond market.

Muni sweeps: Strutting her stuff

April 15, 2011

Philly mummers 2009

She may not be the prettiest girl but at least she’s out there

The home of the famous Mummer’s parade struts its stuff for the bond markets.

The city of Philadelphia was named tops for transparency in a University of Illinois at Chicago survey of cities providing investors with financial information online.