Two Fullerton, California police officers were acquitted Monday in the brutal beating death of a homeless and mentally ill man, Kelly Thomas. Here is the story from Reuters:

The confrontation between six Fullerton police officers and Thomas was captured by a surveillance camera at the bus station and led to demonstrations in the community, as well as the ouster of three city council members in a recall election.

On the videotape, [police officer] Ramos is seen strapping gloves on his hands, balling them into fists in Thomas’s face and telling Thomas, whom he knew from previous encounters: ‘You see these fists? They are getting ready to f— you up.’

Near the end of the tape, Thomas can be heard screaming for help as police officers swarm over him, delivering multiple blows and shocks with a stun gun. At one point he can be heard calling for his father to help him, yelling: ‘Daddy, they’re killing me.’

Thomas’ parents asked that he be removed from life support, and he died five days after the beating. If you are brave enough, click here to see a picture of Thomas taken after the beating or see the video of the beating.