Getting paid for municipal risk

Another great chart popped up on Twitter today that shows the historical performance of the two primary types of municipal bonds: general obligation (GO) and revenue. The Bloomberg chart maps the difference in yield between these two categories, which have different legal rights to public revenues. Generally, revenue bonds pay more interest than GO bonds because they only have access to the revenue of the project that issues them. GO bonds (the white line in the Bloomberg chart) are currently trading at an average of 4.12 percent annual interest; revenue bonds (the orange line) are trading at an average of 5.09 percent at present.


What is retail trading?

Bonddesk, an alternative trading system, has published an excellent report on what types of  muni bonds retail is trading.

Contrary to common wisdom revenue bonds, those NOT backed by taxing authority, were the clear winners as they captured 63% of retail trades.

Average yields in April are shown for bonds maturing in 10 years. (See the report for more yield data.)

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