Muniland’s marijuana math

January 31, 2014

Source: ABC 7 News Denver

The sale of marijuana for recreational use was made legal in Colorado starting January 1, and it appears to be a big success. Product and tax revenue numbers are not yet available, but some have predicted that Colorado will bring in an estimated $40 million in tax revenue this year from marijuana sales. USA Today reported anticipated tax revenues of $1.9 billion in five years for Washington State, which legalized recreational use in November:

Taxing the buzz

November 25, 2013

Colorado voters approved recreational marijuana sales last November. The infrastructure is now being prepared to begin sales on January 1, 2014. Part of the plan approved by voters is a state tax of 25 percent. Reuters reports:

Decriminalize the marijuana business

October 17, 2013


Slowly, the personal use of marijuana is becoming legal across America. The Council on State Governments reported: