This time it’s ‘not in my yard’

November 14, 2013

I’ve written previously about the local hospital in my community trying to complete a massive expansion in the tiny, historic village of Rhinebeck. Rhinebeck is a 300 year-old American treasure with one of the largest collections of nationally landmarked buildings in the nation. The hospital is surrounded with nationally land-marked homes, including my own.

The non-profit tax shell game

April 30, 2012

Old cities in the Northeast often have high concentrations of non-profit, tax exempt properties such as universities, hospitals and churches. Cities generally receive the bulk of their revenues through property taxation, so for cities with high concentrations of tax exempt properties the tax base can be considerably diminished. Ryan Delaney of WRVO, a public-radio station in upstate New York, reports that Syracuse has an astonishing 56 percent of city properties exempted from property taxes. Delaney drills down into a current fight over tax exemption for a proposed development project. The fight shows how property-tax exemptions are growing and can be just a mask for private development and profit. From

Providence drowns while Brown thrives

March 29, 2012

Municipalities across the country are looking to local non-profits to pay for their share of community services. These payments, known as PILOTs, or “payments in lieu of taxes,” are voluntarily contributed by private schools, hospitals and other non-profits as an alternative to paying property taxes. As cities come under more fiscal stress, this will be a growing trend.