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Politico: Congress revives idea of a trading tax on Wall Street

Rolling Stone: Taibbi says multi-state mortgage settlement with banks is Bailout 2.0

WSJ: Big guns sue BNY Mellon for cheating public pension funds on FX trades

Bloomberg: Strong cash flows into municipal-bond mutual funds

SIFMA: Primer on the benchmark for short term floating rate muni debt

Reuters: Smelly Dexia unfavorited by municipal issuers

WSJ: Bronx cheer for Yonkers debt

McClatchy: Fertilizer in the water of rural California Valley homes?

Bloomberg: Ohio businesses align with governor to end public workers unions


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Tony Tassell @TonyTassell Tony Tassell  Moving stuff: A tumblr collection of stories of US people struggling to cope with the crisis: We are the 99% bit.ly/oUpguh

Justin Wolfers @JustinWolfers Justin Wolfers   RT @BetseyStevenson: If Congress fails to extend unemployment benefits, only 1 in 4 unemployed people will be getting unemployment benefits.

Pew Trusts @pewtrusts Pew Trusts  Economy and management equally important to funding of states pension plans, says pew states’ Sue Urahn: http://ow.ly/6O5Of