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Oct 12, 2015

Out of the cave and onto Facebook – the life of a modern hermit

MARKET RASEN, England, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Like any good
hermit Rachel Denton rises early in the morning to tend to her
vegetable garden, feed her chickens, and pray.

But the former British nun, who has pledged to live the rest
of her life in solitude, has another routine that sets her apart
from her society-shunning brethren – she has to update her
Twitter account and check Facebook.

Oct 13, 2014
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Arch to Arc – going the distance


London, England

By Neil Hall

The Arch to Arc is billed as the hardest triathlon in the world. It is comprised of a 87 mile run from Marble Arch in London to Dover, a swim across the Channel to Calais in France, finishing with a 180 mile bike ride to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

49-year-old charity worker, and recovering alcoholic, Paul Parrish hoped to be the oldest man to complete the event.

Apr 10, 2014
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Lost in time – the Cyprus buffer zone


Nicosia, Cyprus

By Neil Hall

If you look at a map of Cyprus, there is a line that cuts across the island like a scar. This is the buffer zone, a United Nations-controlled no-man’s land, also called the ‘Green Line’. It is a constant reminder that the country remains physically and symbolically divided.

The zone is a product of Cyprus’ turbulent history. When the island became independent from Britain in 1960, tension simmered between Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, boiling over into political disputes and violence in 1963. Soon the first peacekeeping troops were sent in and the capital was effectively partitioned.

Nov 11, 2013
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At Duxford Airfield, Spitfires still rule the skies


Duxford, England

By Neil Hall

Propellers whirring, a group of Spitfire aircraft zooms in formation across the sky over Duxford Airfield, one of the first stations of Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF).

It could be a scene straight from the 1940 Battle of Britain, when British and German fighter planes vied for control of the skies in one of the key clashes of the Second World War. But this is 2013, and the shapes streaking over the landscape are models that have been worked on by the Aircraft Restoration Company, a firm dedicated to repairing historic planes, mostly for private owners.