Comments on: It’s not Watergate, it’s Whitewater Wed, 26 Nov 2014 19:47:54 +0000 hourly 1 By: lordbaltimore Sat, 25 May 2013 03:30:09 +0000 You know, as I look at the comments on other articles, I think the internet wasn’t such a great idea unless and until the human brain improves and until human beings gain the ability to express feelings (on screen). It seems that this level of abstraction and alienation guarantees that no one will appreciate and no one will accept and consider those feelings. Briefly, the internet diminishes us all. Promises to the contrary.

By: lordbaltimore Tue, 21 May 2013 21:44:39 +0000 It is curious how many opinion writers sooner or later reveal their faith, or hope, that the American people will be too dumb or lazy to hold their government accountable. (At least when a Democrat is in power.) Essentially, Nicholas suggests that the GOP will fail to win elections because his polling data indicates that people just don’t care about the IRS, Benghazi or the AP subpoenas. Or that they care but, oddly, don’t think its anyone’s fault. Well, polls are a dime a dozen and he might want to look at a few others.

Does he counsel that the GOP just “move-on” on Benghazi and the late Ambassador Stevens and his murdered staff the way the Left has abandoned the story of Travon Martin? If one story no longer makes the beast salivate, find the next one? No matter what anyone says, that is what the media do. And political Washington follows the media like pilot fish follow a shark.

The point for thoughtful readers is that neither the politicians nor the media should be trusted. Their power should be as circumscribed as we can make it. Neither the media, nor the political class are honest. They will lie and steal. They are dim witted and lazy. The message is that each party is no better than a necessary evil most of the time. Their are differences in important details but they are still details.

If this is true (and it might not be), then we should expect incompetence and corruption. We should assume the IRS is being used as a political tool even when there is no public scandal. We should assume that because it is there to be used.

We should assume that nobody in the government would think that the day of September 11th in any year will be a big deal in Arab lands and that Americans are more likely to be killed on that date. Bureaucrats are inattentive.

We should expect that our political titans will, in the end, do less good and make more excuses than the average, responsible, non-celebrity wife, husband, mom, dad, employee.

History shows that ambition puts every human vice on steroids. Vanity and self-regard cause more blindness than glaucoma.

Most of the government business on America is done with State or local officials and at that level, public accountability is easier. A diminished Federal government is inevitable for the next 30 years. Perhaps families and individuals will assume the responsibilities government has claimed but failed to discharge.

Even today, the United States is not a nation in crisis so much as a nation in which the reality of incompetent national government stands revealed. Neither Barack Obama nor any successor will solve the problems of the human condition. That’s why they hire press secretaries. But ordinary people in this country have seen the truth and have it in their power manage their individual destinies.

That, more than anything in Washington, is a cause for celebration.