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No Palestine. Really?

Apparently, a lot of people througout history seemed to think otherwise.

Sucks to be as stupid as you are and willing to display that ignorance to the world when all it would take is a bit of reading, which I provided for you.

You can read, can’t you? _of_Palestine

By: daffa Wed, 29 May 2013 10:34:50 +0000 If so, is no one safe anymore?

Just re phrase, is it even western soldiers are not safe in their Home land. With drone attacks many civilians were un safe.

By: VultureTX Tue, 28 May 2013 15:51:58 +0000 @econCassandra, whole lot of posts
and one big lie that leaps out,
There has never been a nation of Palestine.
so that knocks aout the majoirty of your arguments, and the rest is the whole arab blame/shame mindset for their attempts to screw their fellow arabs and blame the christians.

/sucks to be unable to acknowledge your own problems.

By: bluepanther Mon, 27 May 2013 18:50:28 +0000 The “lessons” of a disastrous immigration policy have already been learned, despite the attempt of globalist elite commentators to downplay the consequences.

By: Stevebee3 Mon, 27 May 2013 13:08:09 +0000 What is the lesson?
Simple. All Muslims must go. They bomb us in Boston. They behead us in London. They riot and burn cars in Sweden.
They all must go.

By: Stevebee3 Mon, 27 May 2013 13:05:12 +0000 “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

How silly. EVERYTHING in Islam justifies this. Read the Koran and the hadiths.
Mohammad personally:

## Led dozens of bloody raids to steal treasure to support his early followers.
## Gave the order to assassinate two poets who had written verses mocking him.
## Gave the order to behead 800 just-captured Jews. And kick their headless bodies into a ditch.
## Gave the order to rape 100s of just-captured girls and women.

And that’s just the start. Today there are DOZENS of deadly Islamic terror attacks worldwide. Mostly far worse than this one.

By: EWDT Mon, 27 May 2013 07:32:49 +0000 Firstly, this is a murder. It is tragic and my thoughts go out to the family and friends of Lee Rigby.

But we must stop using the word terrorism. Forever, young men have struggled to find their way in the world. Some are more successful than others. When frustrated in their endeavours, some turn to violence. This issue is magnified in today’s world by the availability of powerful weapons, information to produce weapons and those who want to exploit this misplaced youthful energy to their own ends. Included in this description are probably the Woolwich killers, Brevik, school shooters, Denver cinema killer, the guy who blew up the FBI base. The link is that they are young men with the means to do terrible damage whose energy is channeled rather into study, sports, or climbing the career ladder than into destruction. Interestingly, when Australia made its guns ban both mass killings and suicides dramatically reduced.

Bin Laden knew that he need to capture the minds of these people. By entering into the language of terrorism, we helped draw lines of us and them that further can motivate these terrible acts and played into Bin Laden’s plans.

The law for centuries has sought to remove motivation from evidential requirements. Crimes do not require motive to be proven. Removing the terrorism label removes the motivation from the discussion that is a strong anti terrorism tactic. If only Bush and the Neocons had understood this after the 9/11 attacks, maybe there would have been less war and the criminals still pursued, prosecuted and punished. This would have been a worthy lesson rather than the declaration of war against terrorism and the oft times lazy erroneous mixing this with the West against coloured muslims that is simply racist.

By: Calfri Sun, 26 May 2013 21:50:50 +0000 A typical liberal reaction to something like this. Someone butchers somebody on the street rambling on about his Islamist ideology, and the liberal asks, “what is this exactly? Is it crime? Is it terrorism?”

I suspected, and it was confirmed, that the upshot of the article is to assert that no one question the immigration imperatives set out by the British elites, which demand that the British people be forced into an immersion with these foreigners, who are about as British as I am Camaroonian.

Expect a deluge of dissembling by people like Wapshott, to keep the British people as confused, befuddled, and passive as possible.

By: bfar Sun, 26 May 2013 08:24:21 +0000 the savages have caught up to the civilized — happening in Europe, North America and we need another place to escape — a new planet to escape off to! aaaah won’t it be grand.! call me PIncorrect — but the simple fact is that the more developed and more civilized peoples are being “inundated” by their backwards cousins.

By: silliness Fri, 24 May 2013 20:32:01 +0000 Human beings are cruel to each other… have been since, well, forever. This is news?