Comments on: Zimmerman: A trial that was all about race Wed, 26 Nov 2014 19:47:54 +0000 hourly 1 By: RighteousAngel Thu, 18 Jul 2013 00:23:22 +0000 Why should he have to keep running he was minding his business to start with GZ pursued him people always try to take eyes off the point of who started it

By: Doctordialogue Wed, 17 Jul 2013 12:53:29 +0000 The last time I checked, in the United States verdicts are to be rendered based on the law & the evidence. Wapshott does nothing to educate his readers on the American criminal justice system at large, nor on the criminal justice system of the State of Florida in particular. No man can be so unreasoning who has been afforded such a platform of attention without having sold out his better self to the power-brokers of the British & American media who continue to divide & conquer on behalf of globalizing plutocrats.

By: gregoir Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:33:08 +0000 The trial was all about race because that is exactly what how the American media wanted it to be perceived. From the very beginning, they incorrectly ran headlines claiming “White Man Kills Black Teen.” Then, upon realizing their error, it became “White Hispanic Kills Black Teen.”

NBC altered Zimmerman’s call to the police running audio making it appear that he said,

“I’m following him now… he looks like he is up to something he is black.”

When in reality, the operator asked Zimmerman the race of Martin and Zimmerman saying “he is black” was only a response to a question– not (as NBC wanted people to believe) the reason Zimmerman thought Trayvon was acting suspicious.

The media stoked racial tensions because doing so makes for a more profitable story.

By: zotdoc Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:27:33 +0000 Zimmerman broke no laws in following Martin. If Martin had killed or brain injured Zimmerman, and had waited for the police to arrive it would never have made media attention, but Martin would be in jail. If he had run away and not got caught the whole case would have been just another homicide statistic. It was media sensationalism and greed to have a “story” that made this case what it was, costing Zimmerman a year of his life while a show trial could be conducted. It was a case of self defense pure and simple and no trial was necessary. The fact that Zimmerman was appropriately aquitted and that there have been no riots means that the “race” issue in America is disappearing as people have more access to the facts. It is horrible to watch the news media actively trying to stoke a riot so they can have another story. Perhaps if our media were more responsible our teenagers would be less enraged and less prone to violence.

By: nzl-kz7 Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:14:13 +0000 On the night he shot Martin dead, Zimmerman ignored the terms of his concealed gun license, which restricts the handling of a gun within a short radius of a home or car, and repeatedly ignored the instructions of the police despatcher to stop following the young man he suspected of being up to no good. Again, conditions of a concealed gun license, however restrictive, mean little if they can be so flagrantly flouted without penalty.

The above is incorrect if you are going to write assumption garbage like that you should stick to writing about finance which you arnt particularly hot at either.

He walked, your wrong.

By: OneOfTheSheep Mon, 15 Jul 2013 07:36:16 +0000 Mr. Wapshott, JL4, here’s your “little angel” from another perspective:  /03/27/trayvon-martin-was-apparently-a- 17-year-old-undisciplined-punk-thug-drug -dealing-thief-and-wannabe-gangsta/

The menacing “in yo’ face” young man on the right of the “Hollister” photo is the person that surprised George Zimmerman and attacked him. We know why George Zimmerman was there.

Why was Trayvon? This six foot tall unsupervised teen at loose ends did not live in this gated community. His parent who did was not home and was not expecting him.

If Trayvon had no key to the parent’s home when he was killed, he had NO “business there” at that time! It would then be logical to wonder whether Trayvon was using his “parental cover story” that rainy night to case the community for illegal opportunities. It is possible that HE was one of the unapprehended and “unidenitified black males” believed responsible for illegal acts recently observed there by witnesses.

Short of frisking him, how could ANYONE know in advance that Trayvon was not armed? I don’t think young males of ANY race have a right to sulk around a gated community they don’t live in without explicit permission from a resident who should escort them in and out. Otherwise if you’re outside the gate, you STAY outside that gate!

Go strolling where you don’t belong wearing a hoodie “up”, or walk into a bank that way, more than a few are going to be suspicious as to their intent (and some will have a gun). Anyone who acts in a manner that makes others suspicious of their intent has NO RIGHTS other than to move slowly and thoughtfully to preserve their own safety.

By: Samrch Mon, 15 Jul 2013 05:33:33 +0000 It is fundamental that if one has the right of self defense as long as people come all different sizes, sex, ages and health that weapons will be used. Also most cannot flee an attacker because unless the attacker is nuts the attacker will be more fit or both.

Which means for a child’s own benefit it must be forcefully made to understand it must keep it’s hand to itself, by teachers and parents. Teachers with the boys will be boys idea create problems.

This is not race, but what to do with the ones who want to use big fists.

By: rakeshdry Mon, 15 Jul 2013 04:53:09 +0000 You ask “are they really saying African Americans are more likely to commit crimes than others?”. Where have you been? Why haven’t you noticed? Just count the African Americans being murdered weekly by African Americans without gun permits in Chigao alone. A dozen or so every week. Of course they are and the data prove it.

Why didnt we hear similar complaints of injustice when OJ was acquitted in the murders of two white people?

By: mercyme Mon, 15 Jul 2013 01:22:08 +0000 What a whopper from Wapshott. A soph. political science essay, a grade of A from your teacher. A grade of F from the grown-ups of all colors.

If there are 5 thousand afric.amers. protesting; there are 5 million at home saying, you see kids this kid was heading down a bad road before this tragedy so you learn to respect people of all races and treat Zman like you’d like to be treated.

By: Lisa40 Mon, 15 Jul 2013 01:18:45 +0000 Was this written by an intern? Or perhaps written on behalf of the elite who are working diligently at promoting race baiting and taking away second amendment rights?
The author clearly hasn’t a clue about this case and his ignorance and arrogance destroys the credibility of Reuters. What a fathead! What an embarrassing article!
Has all media integrity gone with the wind?