Wooden shoe like to play this game?

August 28, 2006

First, let me apologize for that awful pun. People have come to expect more from this blog, and I feel shame.  But I just can’t compete with the actual truth. 

This is farmers golf, played in the Netherlands with a stick that has a wooden shoe attached to it. According to Wikipedia, the holes in farmers golf are made by putting buckets in the ground with flagpoles beside them. The balls are much larger than those used in real golf. I am not making this up. If you can do better than that, drop us a caption via Post a Comment.  golf380.jpg

A group of youngsters participate in a game of farmers golf in Kamerik, the Netherlands August 26, 2006. REUTERS/ Michael Kooren


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Notice the bulls steering clear of these ball-whackers.

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Next on CNN, Raalfing Golf; another oddball game where the bucket is your goal.

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It’s only funny until someone mistakes a cow patty for their ball. Then it’s hilarious.

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Whoda thunk it weren’t a drinking game?

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The old celophane over the bucket gag gets them every time.

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New Orleans is below sea level too. Maybe we can convince residents to adopt farmers golf and we can watch it live on ABC Sports.

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Finally, we know where athelete’s foot originated.

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You have to wonder about a below-sea-level country where a woodcarver is a cobbler is a sporting goods maker.

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Swinging a stick towards a ball, whatever the intent, is usually a lot of fun.

Calling it golf, simili-golf, farmer-golf or anything else loosely related just confirms the venturing human imagination and spirit, in sports and otherwise.

More sports means less health problems so I’m all for it!

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You said Bessie would milk it to the hole in ten or twelve shots but instead she hit it right past your eyes.

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That’s OK. Actually, people haven’t come to expect more from this blog.

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it’s great.. can i get a coach to train myself in farmer’s golf ?

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[…] More Farmer’s Golf information from Reuters. Needless to say, most web sites about this sport are intended for Europeans and are not in English. […]

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