A McFlurry of excitement among hedgehog lovers…

August 31, 2006

You have to love it that something called the British Hedgehog Preservation Society tries to take on mighty McDonald’s over a badly designed dessert cup that has been killing hedgehogs

It seems the cute little guys stick their heads in the cup for a lick of left-over McFlurry and then can’t get out, starving to death. The Society has been badgering McDonald’s in the hedgehogs’ behalf for several years.

But what you have to love even more is that the Society finally won. Starting tomorrow, McFlurrys in the UK will be sold in hedgehog-friendly containers. McDonald’s said the design change had resulted from pressure from the Society, which prompted “significant research and design testing” to develop new packaging. Here’s the story:hedgehog360.jpg

“Pickles”, a female Hedgehog in the Wildlife Gardens of the Natural History Museum in London, in a 1998 file photo. 


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I wanted to post a trite and witty comment but instead I’m stuck.

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Yes, there always will be an England.

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

Perhaps people shouldn’t throw the empty cups where the hedgehogs can get to them???

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