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The Moor the merrier…

October 27, 2006

Um, I hate to complain, but… These guys are reenacting a famous 1609 battle, with realistic period muskets and costumes and, well, sunglasses? I mean, it kind of detracts from the authenticity, don’t you think? Face it, that guy in front, with the shades and the big gold belt, looks more like a professional TV wrestler than a 17th century soldier. Feel free to drop us some clever captions via Post a Comment.moor360.jpg

Men hold their guns during a traditional festival of “Moors and Christians,” remembering an assault of moorish pirates in the year 1609 on the village of Calpe, near the eastern Spanish town of Alicante October 23, 2006. REUTERS/Heino Kalis


I love the smell of boiling oil in the morning. It’s a cooking smell likedoughnuts.

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He’s wearing sunglasses. I’m carrying an RPG. What’s the issue?

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Hey, Christian. Did a monkey knit that tabard or what?

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4 out of 5 Crusaders recommend blunderbusses for their cohorts who use firearms.

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I always wondered what ZZ Top looks like shaven.

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