Designated drivers not keeping it bottled up…

November 29, 2006

Look at those happy, smiling folks at the holiday party. But wait, who’s that guy who’s scowling? Why, he’s the designated driver, and boy, does he have some complaints. Just pour him another Sprite and he’ll tell you all about it.

It turns out, being the sober guy waiting to chauffeur a bunch of hammered imbeciles isn’t quite as much fun as you might think. A new survey shows designated drivers are not a happy lot, according to a story by the AAP.

It isn’t the obligation to stay sober that bothers them. Very few complain about that. No, it’s the other stuff: having to wait until the boozers are ready to leave, getting distracted by fun-loving lush-faces while driving, and watching the drunks run out of cash when it’s time to chip in for gas.

And yes, I’m guessing at least a few of the designated drivers aren’t happy about having their valuable cargo barf in their backseat, now that you mention it. 

A barman takes a break during the “Bar Stars” cocktail competition in Moscow August 25, 2006. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

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