So, EXACTLY where do I have to hit my head?

December 19, 2006

Whatever you do, keep this story to yourself.  I see nothing good happening if the masses get hold of it.

Basically, there was this normal, regular guy who fell off of a piece of equipment at work and hit his head, and became transformed and “disinhibited.” His marriage was wrecked as he turned to affairs, prostitutes and pornography, and was finally awarded nearly $6 million in damages.

You can see where I’m going with this. Some guys – not all of them, but some – might be tempted to duplicate this dude’s injury. You can picture whole neighborhoods full of men throwing themselves off ladders and out of windows, hitting themselves with ball-peen hammers and what-not.  It could get ugly. sex.jpg

People walk in the famous red light district ‘Reeperbahn’ in the northern German town of Hamburg in this photograph taken on March 3, 2006. REUTERS/Christian Charisius


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It is irrelevent what his injury was. What was the cause. Sounds like he fell off of an excercise bike which would be his fault if there was nothing wrong with the bike. He’s entitled to nothing even it he were living in a coma.

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Yeah, a likely story. “My head injury made me turn to porn and have an affair.” If I had a dollar for everytime I heard THAT one…

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