Seizin’ of the witch…

January 16, 2007

Fearful that Helen Duncan could see the future and might disclose top-secret military plans, the British government threw her in jail for witchcraft. The year was a) 1624, b) 1628, c) 1944.

The correct answer is 1944, and you probably got that wrong. Let’s try again. An embarrassed government pardoned Duncan in a) 1946, b) 1950, c) never.

If you guessed that Britain’s last convicted witch has never been pardoned you are, amazingly absolutely right. Duncan’s granddaughter, who still vividly remembers being taunted on the playground in 1944 as a “witch spawn,” is still fighting to have Duncan’s name cleared. Paul Majendie reports: witch.jpg

Not the same witch… Actress Nicole Kidman poses at world premiere of the movie ‘Bewitched’ in New York June 13, 2005. REUTERS/Dave Allocca

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Will someone PLEASE buy poor Nicole a sandwich?

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