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January 26, 2007

When officials seize four TONS of marijuana from two boats off the Mexican coast, they have to get rid of it somehow, and that means a big fire and lots of smoke. And they have to guard it while it’s burning, and that means troops, and a lot of stuff to munch on…

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A Mexican marine stands guard in front of about 4 tons of marijuana being incinerated at a naval base in Topolobambo in the north western Mexican state of Sinaloa, January 25, 2007. REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar


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Twelve hundred reporters from over forty nations arrived to cover the event.

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If it keeps the next Bill and Ted movie from being made, it was worth it.

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Suddenly I understand why my 1500 sq. ft. straw bale house smelled funny. I also understand why it sold for eleven point three million dollars.

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