Cruising the bars for romance?

February 13, 2007

If you go looking for romance online, there’s always a chance the person you choose may be a dangerous criminal, guilty of Lord-knows-what heinous crimes.

Why take that risk, when now you can go to and remove all doubt?

That’s right. this Website offers personal ads from some of America’s most desirable felons, currently residing behind bars. And while you may not know exactly what they did to get there, the release dates in their biographies could offer some clues. For instance, a prisoner in Florida wants someone who writes “sensual erotic letters,” and lists his release date as November, 2050, when he will be about 90. He probably isn’t in there for parking violations.

As the guy who runs the site explains, the prisoners aren’t required to list their crimes. “We take everybody. If they are murderers or rapists they are not going to put that in the ad,” he says. Rosalind Russell reports: prison.jpg

A cell in the Secure Housing Unit of Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City, California in a 2005 photo. REUTERS/Adam Tanner

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Single white female seeks fun-loving mass murderer with Swastika burned into forehead who enjoys long walks (or repeated laps in small cell), monitored conversations, and big cakes full of iron .

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