Vodka and guns: your classic mix…

March 8, 2007

You remember the posting yesterday showing a wolf hunter blowing into his gun? It didn’t look like the safest thing in the world, and it brought to mind that wise saying, “Friends don’t let friends suck on a gun barrel.”

Well, it gets better. The hunt is over now, and what nicer way to celebrate than with a picnic on the hood of your car, complete with ample supplies of vodka? We’ve got our guns and our booze and our car – a perfect combo.

“Hey George! Don’t hog that vodka! Pass me another tumbler, and now it’s my turn to stand in front of the gun!”

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Hunters drink vodka to celebrate a successful wolf hunt in the village of Zarecha, north of Minsk, March 7, 2007. Hunting wolves in Belarus is legal the whole year. REUTERS/ Vasily Fedosenko


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…everyone in the hunting party was starving, but they all had to make due with the meager scraps Old Mike tossed at them. No one was willing to risk getting shot over a package of cheetos…

Posted by K | Report as abusive

And after a few shots the boys get down to business for a lively game of “Spin the 12-gauge”

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

And when Jimmy took out his shotgun the tailgaters all knew – when Jimmy says “You better drink your shot”, you better drink your shot

Posted by Ayal Rosenthal | Report as abusive

Why don’t they hunt down hired killers who use radioactive poisons, instead of reducing the numbers of already endangered species? What is “sporting” about that???

Posted by Faye Roberts | Report as abusive

Didn’t get enough good wolf pelts this season. I guess it’s back on the welfare lines for poor Jorgie.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive