Waxing poetic over ear-cleaning…

March 20, 2007


Not long ago I ran a photo of a guy having his ears cleaned on the streets of India, and I wondered what could top that.

And, here it is: a video report about folks going to “ear cleaning parlors” in Japan, to have wax removed by someone using a thin bamboo spoon.

“Having my ears cleaned on someone’s lap reminds me of my childhood days, and is very soul-soothing,” one customer tells us.

Fair enough, but it sounds like many of these “stressed-out businessmen” are regulars at the ear parlors, and I have to ask where the heck all this wax is coming from. Are they sitting in their offices jamming ChapStick in their ears, just so they can go back for another visit, or what?

And how long can this soothing process last? Like a minute for each ear? Then what? I think I’ll just stick with being stressed, thank you. Olivier Fabre reports:

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Earlier entrepreneurial attempts — a nose-clipping business and another washing out customers’ mouth with soap — just didn’t gain any traction. I guess three IS a charm!

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Beats a workout at the gym.

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There’s got to be a “Dear Penthouse Letters,” here someplace.

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Isn’t that place in the same mall with the Running with Sharps Fitness Center?

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The ear have a very sensitive mucosa, a mucous membrane which is predispose for inflammatory disease. So don’t play to much, the ear is near the brain, you know…

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