See honey, it’s not a big deal!

April 2, 2007

The Odd Blog Quote of the Month has been chosen, but first, a little background.

On Saturday, sex workers in Amsterdam offered a free look at the city’s famed red-light district. Wide-eyed gawkers got to pose for pictures and snoop behind the scenes. Organizers planned the event to help combat what they considered “bad publicity.”

red love 120.jpgSo anyway, an erotic dancer named Love, shown here, was on hand at the Banana Bar to pose for photographs in a fluorescent negligee, and here’s what she said about the event: It is especially interesting for women. If they learn what we do here they will realize it is not a big deal if their husbands or boyfriends want to come here.

If that’s true, then those Dutch wives must be very, very unusual. Readers should feel free to agree or disagree via Post a Comment. Alexandra Hudson reports:

Oddly Enough Blog


Visitor poses in a prostitute’s window during open day in Amsterdam’s red light district March 31 2007. REUTERS/Toussaint Kluiters


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What a great day for anyone aspiring to become a hooker.

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There is no way my fiance would be ok with me going to see amsterdam prostitutes!

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I hear this was their reaction to not being invited to the Career Fair.

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“Oh, well, my goodness, do I feel silly. You see–well, oh geez–I thought they do horrible things with you, like go shopping, or go to the beach, or take the kids to the zoo. You know, things we’re supposed to do together. Now that I understand–I mean I just, boy do I feel silly. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear, I guess! You go on, honey. You have fun!”

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Yes… nothing screams “Spring Break 2007″ like a photo op in a prostitute’s window.

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wow. that’s amazing.

a place for prostitutes to sell their “wares”

talk about window shopping!


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