Can’t we just be friends, Sarjeet?

April 9, 2007

hurt300.jpgDear Blog Guy,
My sweetie left me, and I’m really bummed. I know you see stuff from all over the world, and I thought you might know some way for me to get over her.
Dumped and Depressed

Well Dumped, some people go public with their pain. Now, you take Sarjeet Yadav.  When the woman of his dreams left him, he channeled his heartbreak into a crowd-pleasing display of masochism. So now he’s in show biz, breaking lightbulbs and bottles on himself, rolling in glass, pouring chili powder in his wounds…

We have a video report, but honestly, Sarjeet is only the second strangest character in the story. The strangest is his wife – that’s right, he has a wife – who nurses his cuts and bruises when he comes home after a long day of publicly torturing himself over the loss of his love.

Now, there’s a special lady. Baby, you’re the greatest! Cindy Martin reports:

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What — and leave show business?!

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“Wow, that sounds like quite an act! And what do you call yourselves?”

“The Aristocrats!”

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That’s nothing…I can do 6 loads of laundry, two sinks full of dishes, clean house, homeschool my two kids, cook three meals, and take care of two weiner dogs and a cat all in the course of one day. Your cheap theatrics don’t impress me!

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