You should see what you DON’T see!

April 12, 2007

Dear Blog Guy,
What’s it going to be today? More pictures of people eating bugs, and frogs in blenders and stuff like that? You must look hard for the very grossest pictures you can find. That’s why I keep coming back.
Photo Fan

Thanks, but you’re not even close. If only you knew. In the past few days alone I have opted against using newsphotos showing:

– A crocodile with a human arm sticking out of its mouth, from Taiwan
– Two guys wrestling naked in chocolate pudding, from Canada
– A semen sample being collected from a bull elephant in Singapore
– A medical technician holding an 85-pound tumor removed from a patient in Serbia

The tumor shot alone would have put you off red meat for the rest of your life, so you should be thanking me. But do keep coming back.

Oddly Enough Blog maggots.jpg

Ai Baorong, who raises flies and yellow mealworms, tastes maggots to check their quality, at her small farm in Jiyang County, east China’s Shandong province April 11, 2007. REUTERS/Stringer


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I saw the tumor shot. Looked to me like it would go great with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

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Protein, protein
Measuring the marigolds

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Ronald McDonald quakes in angry anticipation of another ten years of wholly unfounded rumors. Why do you think they call them happy “meals?” Grrr.

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Makes me want to pupae.

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Dear Blog Guy,

You turned down a photo that showed two handsome men wrestling? In chocolate?

Does your wife still speak to you?

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I didn’t say they were handsome…

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