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You call it an accessory, I call it a pinata…

April 16, 2007

Okay, the caption tells us this fashion model is showing swimsuit “accessories.” Nice try. I don’t think this thing counts as an accessory, unless you’re Cleopatra heading for a splash with Mark Antony.

I mean, who goes swimming with a whole pavilion on her head? I don’t care how sexy the bikini might be, folks don’t want to have Miss Hot Stuff flop into the aluminum lounge chair next to them, blocking the rays with a hat that looks like a sundial. 

They will begin to shout rude things, such as: ”Hey Josephine! Does Napoleon know you’ve got his hat?” or “Lady, you got a whopping slice of watermelon on your head!” People can be so cruel. I will say one thing, though. This hat supports my recent theory that designers are now trying to appeal to cats.

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A model shows accessories for a bathing suit from the line of fashion designer Algirmiro Palencia of Venezuela during the opening show of Miami Fashion Week, April 13, 2007. REUTERS/Hans Deryk  


Hey, Lady. You got the time?

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The Second Rising of Venus. Spectacular. Plus, there’s guacamole!

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The NBC peacock really gets around.

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This hat supports my recent theory that designers are now trying to appeal to Reuters photographers. How much publicity would this bathing suit have received without the hat?

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The Emporer’s New Groove 8: Kuzco’s Fantasty


Cinco De Mayo por los gatos!


This year’s Fashion Week sponsor: Dos Equis


And now we know what happens when you piss off the designer…

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