The mother of all blow-drys

April 27, 2007

A couple of days ago we had an item here about people dancing with scissors, which seemed a pretty risky thing to do until I came across this photo of a hairdresser cutting a woman’s hair as they parachute toward earth. Hey, good idea, especially when he opens his chute and the laws of physics kick in while he’s gripping those sharpened blades!

The obvious question that comes to mind is, aren’t you supposed to wear a helmet when you skydive, which of course you can’t do if you’re getting a haircut. So we’ve got scissors, we’ve got no helmet, we’ve got hurtling to earth, what could go wrong?

Oh well, the good news is, if the woman’s chute doesn’t open at least she’ll go out with a nice ‘do.

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Israeli hairdresser Oren Orkabi cuts Sharon Har Noi’s (R) hair while skydiving at 14,000 feet above northern Israel, near Haifa April 25, 2007, in this picture released by Paradive Skydiving. REUTERS/Itay Barshadsky/Paradive Skydiving/Handout


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And I thought John Edwards’ stylist would go anywhere.

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Yeah, I’m afraid of barbers’ chairs too.

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Blocked by the Talon parachute bag, is the fatal couple engaged in the tragic chemical face peel.

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Lends new meaning to the expression ‘hundred mile an hour hair.’

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I want to know where he keeps his jar of Barbisol.

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I guess I’m done with the cutting comments for now. Good night.

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“I don’t agree with this whole stunt, honey. Why can’t you just get a regular haircut?”

“Mom, they’re throwing in the blow-dry for FREE!”

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