Reading to snakes: they like hisssstory

April 30, 2007

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of better-educated reptiles, and I donate money to those charities that give scholarships to very bright lizards and tortoises. 

Still, I am conflicted over this photo from China. As a person trying to guide young people into the better professions, I have to say if a job description dictates that you will be sitting in an enclosure reading books to slithering snakes while a bunch of gawkers take pictures outside, then maybe you should have majored in something other than art history or film studies in college.

The thing to ask yourself is, how do snakes let you know that they’re getting bored with what you’re reading, and it’s not a pretty answer.

Oddly Enough Blogboas360.jpg

A trainer reads a book as she sits inside a glass house containing boas at a zoo in Jinan, China,  April 28, 2007. The performance with the snakes is being held to attract visitors during the May Day holiday. REUTERS/China Daily


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The snake looks pretty pissed that all the visitors are LOOKING AT THE HUMAN.

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Welcome to another episode of, I Want to Open a Theme Resturant.

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Trainer, huh? Fetch. Hide the poodle. Roll over. Play dead. Jump (just kidding).

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After stuffing the huge boa constrictor with nearly two hundred pounds of apples, causing massive internal trauma and killing the reptile, the girl was suddenly and unexpectedly whisked away in a beam of unbearably bright sunlight to the Garden of Eden, which we now know is located just off Interstate 10, somewhere East of Benson, Arizona.

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