Let’s celebrate Father’s Day! Not so fast, Emma!

May 24, 2007

Well, they buried Raymond Cornell on Monday, but his daughter Emma wasn’t able to be at the funeral. It’s not that she’s in prison or aboard the Space Shuttle or anything like that. It’s just that she’s a contestant on a TV reality show, and telling her that Dad is dead would have disrupted her shot at stardom.

That’s right. In yet one more sign that Armageddon is quickly approaching, Mr. Cornell’s wish apparently was that Emma not be told, so she wasn’t. There’s even a blog discussion where people can say whether they would have wanted to be told.

“Her dad didn’t want her to be upset or to feel like she had to leave the house to come to his funeral. He didn’t want to ruin the experience for her,” Emma’s boyfriend was quoted as saying. Here’s our story, here’s a video report, and here is a story¬†from Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

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Emma Cornell in an undated publicity handout picture. REUTERS/Network Ten/Handout


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I can’t imagine anything that would tick me off more than having to leave a reality tv show just because my father died.

I wouldn’t be surprised if her family decided to carry on the charade, sending her the occasional text message “from her father”. She might go for years before they finally let her in on it.

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The Horror, The Horror, The Horror. People would turn to cannibalism for better TV ratings.


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Did she win?

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Why do people bother with TV again?

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It’s really the tragic height of consumerism.You should check out this funny column on the same topic.really cool

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