How to be a gentleman in a stampede…

June 8, 2007

Dear Blog Guy,
You seem to know quite a bit about unusual social situations. I’ve asked a nice girl to go with me to run with the bulls. Any tips on what chicks expect on a date like this?

Yes, there are some rules of etiquette. For instance, notice this guy, who seems about to be squashed. His right arm offers firm support for the young woman, as he averts his gaze from her turquoise panties that are riding up. He makes diplomatic smalltalk about where they might go to dinner later, if chewing is still an option for them.

Of course, there is some chance that he’s just grabbing her to fling her behind him, hoping she will slow the bull down by a nanosecond and he can save his own miserable life. If you pull that stunt, do not expect a good-night kiss.

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Villagers run from a bull in the town centre of Ponte da Lima, Portugal, June 6, 2007, as part of the annual “Vacas das Cordas” celebrations. REUTERS/Nacho Doce


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Ooh. A starfish.

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Until this very moment, Raol thought for sure that Agata was the most well-balanced woman he had met.

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Fortunately for Jack and Diane, the bungee cord recoiled and the bull was slingshot back to the cage.

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Whatever the outcome, this is a nightmare! Hope they are fine.

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One week ago…
Paolo: We’ve gone on three dates and still I’m not even getting to second base!
Raul: Dude, you gotta have a key move. I’ll tell you mine. I wait for her to get ready to step in a puddle or stumble over something, then just as she’s about to, I sweep my arm around her to pull her back to safety, letting my hand accidentally land near her boob. We joke about it, then later get our freak on.
Paolo: Solid! Hmm… I can do that…

Today, in the hospital, Paolo in full body cast, jaw immobilized…
Raul: Paolo, man!, you got rocked by that bull.
Paolo: Hih hot hooofp!
Raul: Huh? You got boob? I said to save her from a PUDDLE, not a bull!

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or he may just be grabing a quick grope befor they go under

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