That’s enough of a head start… Fire!

July 10, 2007

This blog is proud to bring you, for the first time ever, photos of the Belgian sport of cyclist hunting. A match consists of two teams – the “pedalers,” with their festive regalia and jaunty helmets, and the “huge cannon-shooters,” with, well, their massive field pieces and really heavy cannonballs. That’s the team you want to be on if you have a choice.

While this sport is growing in popularity, it has not yet eclipsed the other so-called “history buff sport,” golfer hunting.

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The pack of riders cycles pass spectators dressed in historical military costumes during the second stage of the 94th Tour de France cycling race between Dunkerque and the Belgian city of Ghent, July 9, 2007. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann


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The French delegation was enraged. “What do you mean Lance Armstrong isn’t competing this year?”

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You call that a … oh, never mind.

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Although the concept of time travel was developed to be used only occasionally, it soon became very common to just simply “jump” for the fun of it. Here, you can see an entire cycling group that traveled back in time simply to avoid traffic during their marathon…

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What news, victory at Marathon, my leige?
No news. The bicycle hast not yet arrived, nor the messanger died of fatigue. N’kay?

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Merde! Zee match, she goes out.

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Why is the Tour de France passing through Belgium?

Imperialism? Hmmmmmm.

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Merde! One of zem has gotten Napoleon caught in hees chain.


No! I must not laugh at zee great Emperor.

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Once again, the angry cannon crew failed to to find Robert Basler participating in a sporting event.

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