You sure know how to shimmy, Jimmy!

August 2, 2007

Dear Blog Guy,
I know you’ve frequently given good career advice in the past. I’m a 22-year-old guy. Are there any new opportunities my college job counsellor may have overlooked?

Well, if you have the stomach for it, so to speak, you might consider a career in belly dancing. It turns out it’s not just for the ladies anymore. We have a story about a belly dancer named Alex, who seems to be successful at doing, uh, navel maneuvers.

There does seem to be a logical flaw, though. The story traces male belly dancing back to Ottoman times, “when men in the Sultan’s palaces were entertained by young male dancers as the women lived separately in harems,” to show that there is a popular precedent.

Yeah? Okay, but times have changed. Female dancers are available, we even have women mowing lawns in bikinis, and now an ottoman is just a foot stool. So even if the idea appeals to you, you might not want to cancel dental school just yet. Alexandra Hudson has the story, and Stefanie McIntyre has a video report:

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Belly dancer Alex performs his show at a night club in Istanbul July 29, 2007. REUTERS/Osman Orsal


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Barbara Eden sure has let herself go.

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Suddenly, I no longer dream of genie.

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Stefanie McIntyre has a video repor: that I WON’T BE VIEWING!

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Wow, Shawn, you should take time off more often! Great bunch of comments today!

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Barbara Eden was not a belly dancer.

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Yes! This is the the level of debate I wanted to encourage with this blog! Intelligent people, from all walks of life, discussing whether Barbara Eden was or was not a belly dancer!

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Computer already owned. Zero dollars.
Internet connection for email. Zero dollars.
Electricity. Zero dollars.

Getting Reuters to pay the entire cost of a two-week trip to Bora-Bora with daily visits by fourteen different of hot, young female ‘masseuses’ toting body butter, fabulous steak and lobster dinners, tanning, snorkeling, gambling, dancing and booze – Priceless.

Wait, let me add this up.

Make that $68,855.38.


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