Flush the fudge to fool the fuzz?

August 7, 2007

fudge-300.jpgA slogan among serious Internet hackers says that “information wants to be free.” A sentiment among some folks holds that fudge wants to be free, as well.

A woman was charged with burglary after police said she made a late-night raid on a fudge shop and escaped with as much fudge as she could carry.

According to the Washington Post, police who questioned her at a nearby hotel noticed that she had huge amounts of fudge stuffed in her pockets. Like, if that’s a crime, they might as well come and get me, too. But anyway, the story said the thief apparently tried to get rid of the loot by flushing it in a restroom, clogging a toilet in the process. It occurs to me that determining the toilet was clogged by rocky road fudge instead of, you know, the usual, is about the least glamorous police job I’ve heard about in a long time. Lindsay Claiborn reports:


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May the cocoa plant never become extinct. Even endangered would be chilling.

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They failed to convict when it was discovered that all the fudge was missing from the evidence locker.

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We make jokes of ill people and uncivil behavior then fob it off as news. Symptomatic of societal disorder.

Posted by TWard, Terry | Report as abusive

It might have been better to eat the evidence.

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Dear Terry,
Watch that double-keystroke (you typed an extra W). Welcome to the Odd Blog.

now Master Basil will beat shawn for welcoming you. only Master Basil may greet people. bad shawn. bad.

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I guess they didn’t have paper or plastic.

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“We make jokes of ill people and uncivil behavior then fob it off as news. Symptomatic of societal disorder.”

No, we make fun of people who commit stupid crimes. :)

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Hey there, Shawn. Is this really because you’ve
got nothing else to do or do they pay you to shill
for these articles.
I ‘member, years ago, in my newspaper days, we used to clip the coupons of our advertisers to “improve” their responses. Are you doing the same? ‘Tis a good idea to change yer name occasionally, just for verisimilitude.

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Sorry, James. It’s the one my Dad and Mom gave me. I’m living in a shipping container fitted out as living quarters. Not much to do of an evening but watch AFN TV’s lacksadaisical programming, read (just finished Potter 7), blog, or cruise adultress sites. My time remaining is too short to take college courses.

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Dear Mr. Basler,

Have you been skimming money that should be going to an Odd Blog ‘shill?’ If so, what is the going rate these days? If not, what are the going rates these days?

Your bud,


p.s. Gotta go. Mr. Deeds is on.

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Sorry, Shawn, but I’ve just been keeping the “shill” money they give me. However, please be patient, because passing it out to commenters is way up on my “to do” list….

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