“Stick my arm WHERE?” tourism…

August 9, 2007

crock.jpgThere are a number of claims that we should immediately view with major suspicion. Stuff like, “The check is in the mail,” “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you,” and others I can’t print here. Well, I have one to add to the list: “Oh, get closer, that crocodile is very gentle.” Sure thing, buddy.

There is this zoo where visitors are encouraged to play with the crocodiles, and we have a video report on it. A guy explains that the crocs are gentle because the zoo plays Buddhist prayers every day. Well, how do we know some of these reptiles aren’t just atheists pretending to be Buddhists, until some juicy sucker like me sticks his arm in their mouth?

Anyway, I’m also adding this zoo to my short list of places where you won’t find me vacationing. For the top spot on that list, see a popular posting I did just a few months ago: You must be joking tourist site opens. Sonia Legg reports on the zoo:

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Dedicated more to his someday coat than it’s current wearer.

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Amazing how few athiests work in places like this.

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