A different sort of mayo clinic…

August 13, 2007

Quick quiz: mayonnaise is a common ingredient in…

a) a margarita cocktail
b) spaghetti
c) fondue
d) pancakes

Sorry, this was sort of a trick question. We’ll accept “none of the above” if you’re a regular human being, or “all of the above” if you’re a “mayoler” – a mayonnaise-obsessed fanatic in Japan.  So, settle back, mix yourself up a very dry “mayotini,” dunk your doughnut in a family-size jar of Hellmann’s, and read Yoko Nishikawa’s report:

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mayo-360.jpg“Mayoty Dog”, which tastes like the vodka-based cocktail Salty Dog but is served in a glass with mayonnaise on its rim instead of salt, is pictured at the “Mayonnaise Kitchen” restaurant in western Tokyo, August 9, 2007.  REUTERS/Michael Caronna


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She was a slick dame, see, but I figured I have an eye for the ladies. I looked around to find the only broad in the place with mayonaise lipstick. There she stood in the corner with her head cocked to one side and a cigarette hanging from her manicured hand on the other.
“Hello, Dollface,” is about all I could get out before she turned around and disappeared into the night, leaving me with nothing but a cocktail glass to empty and a sour taste in my mouth.

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NEVER trust mayonayse you did not make yourself.

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Is shuddery a word?

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Great with cotton candy and escargot.

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Can I rim the glass with caviar and call it a roe boat? Can I? Can I?

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Here we go then.

Roe Boat

A drink by Shawn Hendricks

1 Short rocks glass rimmed with black caviar
Add ice
Pour in 1 shot of Drambuie
Using a spoon to prevent mixing, slowly pour in 1 shot of Stolichnaya vodka to produce a layered drink for sipping.

The salt taste of the caviar blends well with the vodka at the start and as the salty caviar is consumed, so is the vodka, leaving fortified, sweet Drambuie for the finish.

Ah, I wish I had one right now.

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I can see what’s on it. I don’t want to know what’s in it.

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I would love it! I would love it!

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